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Stanford Stroke Center Clinical Trials

Stanford Stroke Center Clinical Trials

iDEF - Futility Study of Deferoxamine Mesylate in Intracerebral Hemorrhage; A prospective, multi-center, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, phase-II clinical trial.
The purpose of this study is to determine whether treating patients with a type of bleeding in the brain (intracerebral hemorrhage; ICH) with a drug called deferoxamine mesylate could be helpful in recovery after ICH. NCT02175225
PI: Chitra Venkatasubramanian, MBBS, MD

MISTIE III: A Phase III, Randomized, Open-Label, 500-Subject Clinical Trial of Minimally Invasive Surgery Plus rt-PA in the Treatment of Intracerebral Hemorrhage
The study will evaluate the efficacy and safety of Minimally Invasive Surgery plus 1 mg of rt-PA administered every eight hours for up to nine doses as
compared to subjects treated with conventional medical management. NCT01827046
PI: Chitra Venkatasubramanian, MBBS, MD

SOCRATES –Acute Stroke Or Transient IsChaemic Attack TReated with Aspirin or Ticagrelor and Patient OutcomES
The primary objective of the study is to compare the effect of 90-day treatment with ticagrelor vs aspirin for the prevention of major vascular events (composite of stroke, myocardial infarction [MI], and death) in patients with acute ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). NCT01994720
PI: Waimei Amy Tai, MD

Evaluation of Cerebral Edema in Acute Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke Using Volumetric Integral Phase-shift Spectroscopy (VIPS):  a Pilot Study.
The Cerebrotech Intracranial Fluid monitor (VIPS) is a new non-invasive device that uses very low levels of radio waves to look at brain swelling. The purpose of this study is to see if the Cerebrotech monitor can measure values in patients with ischemic stroke and to see if these values correlate with other ways that are currently used to measure brain swelling (such as repeated CT scans).
PI: Karen Hirsch, MD

Protocol ID: 22227, NCT01622517
Protocol Title: CT Perfusion to Predict Response to Recanalization in Ischemic Stroke Project (CRISP)
PI: Maarten Lansberg, MD, PhD

Protocol ID: 27214
Protocol Title: Advanced MR and CT Imaging for Understanding Acute Stroke Evolution and Predicting Response to Recanalization Therapy (SENSE 3)
PI: Roland Bammer, PhD

Protocol ID: 19211, NCT01423201
Protocol Title: TIA Triage Study
PI: Gregory Albers, MD

Protocol ID: 24562, NCT01591096
Protocol Title: Thrombolysis in Pediatric Stroke (TIPS)
PI: Jorina Elbers, MD

Protocol ID: 14447
Protocol Title: Prognostic Value of MRI and Biomarkers in Comatose Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients
PI: Karen Hirsch, MD

Protocol ID: 26458, NCT01794182
Protocol Title: Glyburide Advantage in Malignant Edema and Stroke - Remedy Pharmaceuticals (GAMES-RP) Study
PI: Gregory Albers, MD

Protocol ID: 20543, NCT01176565
Protocol Title: Antihypertensive Treatment of Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage (ATACH)-II: A Phase III Randomized Multicenter Clinical Trial of Blood Pressure Reduction for Hypertension in Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage
PI: Chitra Venkatasubramaian, MD

Protocol ID: 18552, NCT00991029
Protocol Title: Platelet-Oriented Inhibition in New TIA and Minor Ischemic Stroke (POINT) Trial, a Randomized, Double-blind, Multicenter Clinical Trial
PI: Gregory Albers, MD

Protocol ID: 16416
Protocol Title: Microvascular Measures of Perfusion in Stroke Recanalization (PERFUSE 2)
PI: Michael Moseley, MD, PhD

Protocol ID: 15585, NCT00784134
Protocol Title: CLEAR III Clot Lysis: Evaluating Accelerated Resolution of Intraventricular Hemorrhage Phase III
PI: Chitra Venkatasubramaian, MD

Protocol ID: 14058
Protocol Title: Prognosis of Critically Ill Neurological Patients (PROGNOSIS)
PI: Anna Finley Caulfield, MD

Protocol ID: 23077, NCT01369069
Protocol Title: Stroke Hyperglycemia Insulin Network Effort (SHINE) Trial
PI: James Quinn, MD

Protocol ID: NCT00822900
Protocol Title: Progesterone for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (ProTECT III)
PI: James Quinn, MD

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