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Addie Peretz, MD

Addie Peretz, MD


Internship: Georgetwon University Hospital, Washington, DC
Medical School: New York University School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Brown University


Wappel S, Sperry B, Peretz A, Whelton S. Multicentric Castleman Disease. Poster Presentation at Georgetown University Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine Research Day in Washington, DC 2012.
Peretz A, Singh A. Chapter 10. Sudden Onset of Slurring of Speech. In: Singh A Case-Based Neurology. 1st ed. Demos Medical; Dec 2011.
Kurzweil A., Peretz A., Singh A. Chapter 32. Headache and Loss of Consciousness. In: Singh A Case-Based Neurology. 1st ed. Demos Medical; Dec 2011.
Peretz, A. Subclinical Hypothyroidism: To Screen or Not to Screen? Clinical Correlations: The NYU Langone Internal Medicine Blog-A Daily Dose of Medicine. August 17 2011.
Gross RS, Fierman AH, Mendelsohn AL, Peretz A, Karavolias M and Messito MJ. Maternal Controlling Feeding Styles in Early Infancy. Poster Presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in Baltimore, Maryland 2009; Poster presentation at Academic Pediatric Association regional conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009.


Pediatric Narrative Award, New York University School of Medicine  2009 Elected to the Brown University Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa 2006


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