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The Stanford Center for Memory Disorders

The Stanford Center for Memory Disorders is dedicated to the fight against age-related cognitive decline. There are many different causes of memory loss, and an accurate diagnosis is essential to getting the best treatment. At the Stanford Center for Memory Disorders, our physicians lead an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals working together to provide accurate diagnoses and to guide treatment. Experts from the fields of neuropsychology, psychiatry, nursing, pharmacy, and genetic counseling collaborate closely with our behavioral neurologists, allowing them to provide medical care that is both cutting edge and compassionate.

For more information, or to make an appointment, visit the Stanford Center for Memory Disorders Clinic.

At the Stanford Center for Memory Disorders, the same faculty members who care for patients also contribute to research on Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. This research spans a full spectrum, from bench to bedside: Stanford has numerous basic science labs investigating the fundamental causes of Alzheimer's disease and creating novel treatments. Other faculty of the Center bring advanced neuroimaging technologies and lab-based studies of blood samples to human research subjects, in an effort to make early diagnosis possible. Finally, interested patients can participate in clinical trials of new therapies.


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