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Our lab focuses on how inflammatory responses after brain injury affect neurological recovery. In the United States, there are 4 million people currently living with the effects of stroke, and another 4.3 million living with the effects of traumatic brain injury. Of the people who have had a stroke, many are disabled to the degree that they cannot work, and a significant proportion are unable to walk, feed themselves, or communicate with their families the way they could prior to their stroke. Despite this very high number of people who are suffering, there is a large knowledge gap regarding the mechanisms by which neurological recovery occurs, and not a single FDA-approved therapy available to help people recover. There is reason to think that such a therapy might be obtainable – we know that some people, especially younger ones, experience significant recovery after stroke. Animal studies, almost entirely done in young animals, also demonstrate significant recovery after neurological injury. Our goal is thus to better understand the mechanisms that contribute to recovery in the young, and how they are influenced by inflammatory responses. Once we understand this, we hope to be able to develop new therapies to help people’s brains repair themselves.


Lab updates

03/27/12 Kristian gets his K99 funded!

09/2010 Kristian publishes his paper on TGFb signaling!

10/2010 Rashid Siddiqui joins the lab! More Lab News »

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