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Robert S. Fisher, MD, PhD
Maslah Saul MD Professor of Neurology, Stanford
  1. Understanding Epilepsy
  2. Understanding Seizures
  3. Partial Seizures
  4. Generalized Seizures
  5. What Causes Epilepsy
  6. How Diagnosed
  7. Ten Truths
  8. Through the Ages
  9. Genetic Causes of Epilepsy
  10. Febrile Seizures
  11. Strokes vs Seizures
  12. Seizures From Head Trauma
  13. Seizure Imitators Overview
  14. Consciousness Imitators
  15. Confusion Imitators
  16. Movement Imitators
  17. Psychological Imitators
  18. Understanding Psychogenic Non-Epileptic
  19. Treating Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures
  20. Approach to Epilepsy Medication
  21. Driving With Epilepsy
  22. Employment With Epilepsy
  23. Safety With Epilepsy
  24. Recreation Safety With Epilepsy

Stanford Epilepsy Center

Overview of Epilepsy: Out of Shadows (1 hour video)

Dr. Robert Fisher presents a one hour overview of epilepsy for the interested public. This lecture was broadcast on the Cable TV Research Channel. DOWNLOAD COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT


Epilepsy videos made in partnership with and the Epilepsy Therapy Project.



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